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We are a mother and daughter business. After raising a family and letting life interfere with my health for so many years, I joined Weight Watchers and inspired my daughter to do the same. With great joy, we found something that finally worked for us, but after a month of dedication, we began struggling with new menu ideas to keep us on track, thus The Meal Planners emerged! The meal plans you will receive have been tested and approved by both my daughter and I, AND our families, which can be tricky to please! They not only taste great but can be bought, cooked, and served on a slim time and money budget.

Before we had meal plans to keep us on track, we would grab dinner on the way home, which added pound after pound to our weight. Lacking the tools necessary to live a healthy lifestyle made it easy to "cheat" on our weight loss plan, which lead to truly cheating ourselves.  

We needed a weekly meal plan to keep us on track. We needed a meal plan that our whole family could eat. We needed QUICK, and we needed EASY if  we wanted our Weight Watcher's plan to succeed! 

We struggled to think of something to cook each day that would get us...
  • out of the kitchen quickly
  • out the door quickly in the morning 
  • easy on our budget
  • easy on our waist  
  • on our way to a healthier life

 Let us do the hard work for you so you can regain control of your weight and your life!  Our weekly meal plans along with a program such as Weight Watchers, TOPS, or other healthy eating plans will create a holistically healthy lifestyle for you and your family that will enable you to lose or maintain weight and create a healthier you.