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Order your weight watcher and budget friendly, quick and easy meal plan today and start living an easier, healthier lifestyle! All orders will be emailed directly to you. The meal plans come complete with a weekly menu, a coordinating shopping list, and recipes. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  

Due to your overwhelming orders, YOU have spoken! We have lowered our prices PERMANENTLY and added a 1 month trial. We know once you try the menus you will look forward to the next ones.

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  • Winter meal plans start January 1st
  • Spring meal plans start April 1st
  • Summer meal plans start July 1st
  • Fall meal plans start October 1st

                                 48 weekly meal plans for $47.99
                                 Recipes for all weekly meal plans
                                 48 shopping lists
                                 FREE Tip sheet
                                 FREE Salad recipes
                                 Emailed to directly to you 

                     For a LIMITED TIME ONLY we are offering a 1 Month Trial

                                4 weekly meal plans for $6.99
                                Recipes for all weekly meal plans
                                4 shopping lists
                                FREE Tip sheet
                                FREE Salad recipes
                                Emailed to directly to you

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